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Yes... We are really underway- Welcome to the site of Rob & Jacky
  5 September 2003 is the time. We are going to travel around the world!!

Our idea is to start in China and to end the trip somewhere in South-America, in Equador  12 -14 months later, when we have enough money

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 Our Route starting September 5 2003 untill  10.10.2004

Summary up to date 

10.10.2004 Back home after 400 days of fun 



Yes,   After 400 days we had enough.  Really, we were looking forward at home. Seeing friends and family. So now we are getting back in the social life, with work, weekends and more..

01.07.2004 From Asia to Australia / New Zealand 

From 27.05.2004 we are travelling for 2 months in New - Zealand. From North to South. The country is amazing. We think that 2 months will be to short for us. This is the place to do some action sports.. Fast Boats, Glacierwalks. Helitours.. We have done it all.


14.05.2004 - Back in Bangkok 

We need a break. Therefore we book one week on a tropical Island Koh Tao to enjoy and learn how to dive 

05.05.2004 8 months of travelling  

Today it has been 8 months since we left home.  At this moment we are in Vietnam. 

from 26.03.2004 -  06.05.2004  Vietnam

Here we travelled 6 weeks on a rented Motorbike. We drove to Sapa, Hanoi all the way to Saigon. Clothing in Hoi Ann, Diving in Nha trang and the coolest mountainrange of Dalat. And walking around in the busy city of Ho Chi Minh followed by a 2 day Mekong Delta tour.

from 05.03.2004 - 25.03.2004 Laos 

Laos was great.. The north is very authentic. You have to negotiate your boat yourselfs and you never know where you will be the next day. If you love to visit the original villages with mountain people, do consider to arrange a trekking here. After that chilling in Vang Vieng and site seeing in Vientiane.

from 06.02.2004 - 04.03.2004 Thailand

Bangkok, Changmai, the river kwai, Chang Rai. The first 30 days we travelled around the North. See some old ruins, nature reserves. Don't forget Pai. The coolest backpacking place where you can sleep the in your hammock the whole day. Trekking around Chiang Mai is a must.

05.02.2004 5 months of travelling and we are going to Thailand 

Today it has been 5 months since we left home. It is also the day that we leave India and fly to Thailand.

Sofar travelling has been a pleasure and turning into a way of living. When we look at stuff such as finance, health and relationsship we have no complaints, infact we are verry happy and realise that we are lucky we can do this.

Below is a summary of the last couple of weeks

29.01: We spend 2 days in a Dutch Resort. A nice place away from noise and indians. It was a bit of exclusive, but very nice for a change.

25.01 :At kodeikanal we spend a weekend in a Jungle Hut "bison wells". 3 days in the middle of nowhere. Some hiking, campfires and watching the stars. George, the owner told us all about the wildlife in this area 

22.01 Here we were able to get a lift in a Toyota Landcruiser, belonging to Anders and Christina from Denmark. They drove overland to India. The next couple of days we spend together with them

18.01 : From Kumily to Munnar by bus. It was a frighting and trilling ride. Munnar is a hillstation with a lot of tea estates. Here we visited the Chinnar National Park ( with crocodiles). Munnar itself is a nice place to be.

16.01 From Cochin to Kumily, famous of its Periyar National park. The next morning we took a guide tour with a forrest Ranger to spot some wild life. In Kumily we spend the nigh in a bamboohut compleet with jungle sounds in the night.

09.01 : After Goa it was time to bus to Cochin. Here we stayed for a week, watching the Chinese fishing nets, and did the Backwaters tour. Jacky was ill here for a couple of days.  It is nice to walk on the boulevard of old cochin watching to see dolpins swimming by.


01.01.2004 New Year on a Paradise Beach 
Go the the Pictures of Colva
you can click on the picture for a complete photoalbum of Colva beach

After Rajasthan it was time for a holiday on the beach!, so we moved to Goa. Colva-beach to be precise. We are not the so called "beach-types" but 10 days in Colva was fantastic.  We arrived the day before New Years eve.  

In the southern part of Goa-state it turned out to be less busy than we expected. A lot of palmtrees, nice and sunny beaches.

We understood in Holland it is rainy, cold and 6 degrees. Here we enjoy the sun with 30 degrees. 

After a couple of days... walking on the beach with a beautiful sunset... I asked Jacky if she would like to marrie me.


First we want to finish our world trip, then settle down in Holland, find a nice job, save some money and get married.

What a bad life we have.....     to be continued....

13.12.2003 The golden city Jaisalmer & Camel safari 
Go to the pictures of Rajasthan

We travelled to the most western part of india. Jaisalmer in Rajastan. Her we did a 2 days camel safari.. This is fun. Riding on a the back of the huge animal. Sleeping on sand dunes and counting the stars.  When you ever come into rajastan, don't skip this !  

04.12.2003 First impressions Rajastan  

After Agra we visited Jaipur. Lots to see there. Old forts, city centers where you can spend ours watching people in old market places. In between we also visited rantambore National Park. But... no tigers..

29.11.2003 By bus to Agra ... to see the Tah Mahal 
Waking up at 5.15 hours.  Waiting for the bus. Bus was overbooked, so we had a seat next to the driver. Watever.... Things happen like that in India.

Next day we visited the Taj Mahal.  Its a beauty.  We spend almost 3 hours enjoying the sunrise ( the most quit time to visit) looking to the buildings and lovely gardens.

After that a visit to the Red Fort.  (which looks a lot at the fort in Delhi) 

Agra is a busy city ( 1 mill habitants). The rikshaw drivers and shopkeepers are very annoying. If you have not the power to neglect them all you cannot survive here.. 

17.11.2003 A couple of days in Delhi 
Delhi is chaos....... Motorrikhaws, taxis, busses, bycicles and motors are crawling into each other trying to get moving..  In between this constantly traffic jam Cows are walking around. We want back in time here...   Horses with cars are riding through the streets. 

Somebody once said to me : You love India, or you hate India.  Sofar i love it.  People are staring at us if they have never seen foreingers before.   And many people want to "help" you. Of course everbody wants to earn some money with you.  

We found a hotel in a nice, busy area near the New Delhi Railway station.  According to the Lonely Planet this hotel is good enough for us.  2 beds, hot water and mtv....  On top of this building there is a restaurant where you can have breakfast in the sun....

In the next days we visited India Gate,  the Red Ford,  Jama Mashid,  and some areas full of shops, bazaars and people.  Many people...

We decided to take it easy and spent more time in Delhi. There's a lot to see and to do here..

15.11.2003 Escape from Kathmandu  - The flight to New Delhi, India 
We had the impression to fly to Delhi today. Unfortunatly the 2 planes of Royal Nepal Airlines had material damage and could not fly. So our flight was cancelled.  They took us to a 5 star hotel "Everest" and gave us a dinner. The next morning, after breakfast, we tried again. The flight was first scheduled at 1500 hours, than 20.30, than 22.00.

In the end we rolled at the runway at 22.40 hours. But we flew! After 1.5 hours of flying we landed at Delhi Airport. In the middle of the night we took a prepaid taxi to the house of mr Sony. We were invited to spend some time with Pavit. An employee of mr Sony, who worked and lived in this house. 

05.11.2003 How is it going after 2 months of travelling 
Funny, we still have the feeling we are on holiday.  Main difference here is the fact we have no hurry.  When you go on a holiday, often it happens you rush from one location to another. In a short time you want to see as much as possible.  Now, when looking back at the first 2 months it looks like the time is flying.

Already experienced funny and exciting things, like Tibet and trekkings in Nepal.  Nepal is relatively cheap and that is good for our budget. Hotels between 5-7 dollars (with private bathroom). You can have a good dinner (steak and beer) for 8 dollars.  Of course when you take a rice or macaroni with 2 cokes its much cheaper : around 3-4 dollars..

24.10.2003 Pokhara - trekking Annapurna - and the last days in Nepal 
After all the funn with the other travellers we decided to go to Pokhara by bus and to our 3rd trekking "annapurna basecamp".  It was fantastic. We did the trek in 10 days.  Without porters and without guides we slept in little guesthouses along the way. We were lucky with the good weather. Onfortunately we also encountered some maoists who wanted money... 

After the trek we stayed a couple of days in Pokhara for a rest and do some shopping

You can see the pictures here 

14.10.2003 A couple days in Kathmandu
Were we met other travellers John and stef from Belgium. 

We also decided to do a weekend "rafting"

You can see the pictures here 

06.10.2003 trekking in the himalaya - Lang Tang 
The second trekking we do. This time it is 7 days. together with Caroliene and Arthur from Holland which we met here in Kathmandu (after a long email conversation). They are also on the move since may 2003.  

You can see the pictures here 

20.09.2003 Travelling from Beijing through China: destination Tibet
112_1243.jpg (27901 bytes) At September 5 we flew from Amsterdam to Beijing, with a stopover in Frankfurt. We spend 2 days in the capital Beijing.  Of course we visited the summer palace, the forbidden city, and the inner city. Beijing is huge. After that we took a plane to lanzhou. One night here was enough. Next morning by bus to langmusi, sometimes on very bad road full with holes and mud. The chinese are cathing up. They are building everywere. From langmusi to songpan. We reached Chengdu. From here we will fly to Lhasa

You can see the pictures here 

23.08.2003 A Goodby barbeque 
We don't like saying goodbuy at the airport. Therefore we decided to hold a goodby party with a barbeque.  It was a lot of fun 

You can see the pictures here 

22.08.2003 We are ready to go 
Pasports are back, with the visa, Flight has been confirmed. And only one week to work. Traveller cheques and Dollars are in our possession.  What can happen. 

09.08.2003 Saying goodbay to our Pajero 
For years this was a dream.  We did a lot with this car. Camping, rollerskating, holidays, driving through the bush.  But what good would it do when this car is doing nothing for a year. 
With a bit of pain in my heart i sold the "beast" our mr Pajero.   First we have other priorities.
Another traveller told us "Don't be sad, Without this pajero you can see things which you probably will not see with the pajero.

05.08.2003 Packing the Backpack ... 
We decided to start early with testing of packing the backpack.

Wow, this is difficult. For the past few weeks we gathered all the stuff we want to take with us and put everthing on a large table. After the first session it turned out to be too much. I'm not surprised. We tried to repack again and ditched a lot of stuff. 

Today we realized it is only one month before departure. Jacky and i have to work untill friday 29th of August. After that dated we are unemployed. (oops). Already we are making plans to meet other travellers in Nepal and Thailand. Sofar i cannot imagine i am just walking through nepal in about a couple of weeks..

18.07.2003 49 days before departure.... 
Wow, a couple of days ago we finished the medical injections. The insurance has been covered and we are finishing our packinglist. 

Reading, talking and emailing with a lot of other travellers. This is what we do for the latest weeks. At night it is difficult to get into sleep. You think this is funny?  For us it is strange.. i can tell you that. We have started to put all our stuff on a table. Already is it clear that we have to skip a lot of stuff otherwise the backpacks wil be too heavy. Up to now everything goes as per schedule. Together we agreed which counties we want to visit.  It is nice to now we start in China with a organised trip. From Beiijn to Tibet and finally up to Katmandu. in total 29 days. Then we stay in Nepal for 3 weeks before fly to India. And there the real adventure will begin.  We have the idea to buy a rail-pass. Then it would be easy to travel through india. we think.  Time will tell....

18.06 2003 Negative travel advise withdrawn for China  
Good news for us.

WHO has today removed China from its list of areas with recent local transmission of SARS. Twenty days, which is twice the maximum incubation period, have passed since the last case was isolated.

When 20 days have passed since removal of the last case from the community at large, the chain of human-to-human transmission is considered broken, thus eliminating the risk of infection for both local residents and travellers.

Simply said: We resume with our planning with Baobab to start in China, Beijing then go to Tibet and finally end the first trip in 

04.06 2003 Sars spreading around Asia
We are counting down to the day of the departure. Last week we organised a trainings week together in Luxembourg. 

Jacky and i  did a tracking with a backpak through the various landscapes. Ups and downs. Some days we hiked 30kms!  We spend the night in Youthhostels. In the end we had the impression that it was worth the training. 

At the moment we are following the world. If Sars remains dangerous in China we skip the first planned yourney and buy a ticket to Kathmandu. From there we can explore the world...

Almost every month other travellers are going away. Everytime when this happens we have the feeling that our time will come.

see ya.

01.01 2003 Who are we ?
  Rob (37) is working in shipping. Containers, ships and ports. Trying to sell shipsspace all over the world. Besides the daily work we are pretty busy with outside sports. Mountain biking, climbing, kayakking, hiking and camping. When the season starts we get in our old pajero and are heading for Belgium..

Have you ever had the feeling that all you do is working, sleaping, earning money, buying stuff, making more money, stepping up the ladder, and spending all this money the next day. I did.....

"For once in a lifetime i would like to see the world how i want it."
Holidays became more important than money the lastest years.
When i met Jacky a dream came out. Sell everything you have, give up your job and go for a sabbatical. That is what we gonna do.

greetings, Rob

  Jacky (23) is working at school. I am teaching the "outside healthcare" of the human body. (you know hairsdressing, hygiene).
For a couple of years she worked in a hairdressing shop. After that I began with teaching of the 'hairdressing art". Just like Rob i like doing sports.. even in the winter..

"Forget you cellular phone, fixed appointments, the alarmclock everymorning. Just go where you want to go and decide when you want to do this".
I think going away and explore the world for a year is the best preparation for the rest of yr life

Greetings, Jacky



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